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Bitch Sassidy

The Tornado of Tease

Prepare to be blown away by the Tornado of Tease, Bitch Sassidy! Provocative, powerful, and ready to pounce, this dancing poodle is a take-no-prisoners, no holds barred performer!


Bitch has been performing for over two decades in multiple genres. Raised on the Canadian Prairies, she first stepped on to the stage as an actor in local theatre productions that soon launched into cabaret, jazz, and belly dance. With a formal education from Capilano University in the Acting for Stage and Screen program, Bitch became an award winning scream queen in a series of horror movies including Moloch (2014) for which she won Best Leading Actress at the Heavy Hitting Horror Fest.

In Vancouver, Bitch debuted as a solo performer at the infamous Funky Winkerbeans with BoneRattle Talent, and The Rio Theatre with Geekenders. She also trained with Torlage Cabaret and the School Tease before returning to Calgary, Alberta and joining the neo-burlesque troupe, Peppurmint Parlour.

In 2017 Bitch co-founded Cabaret Calgary. From a humble beginning with a single show, the legendary Restricted Section, Bitch grew Cabaret Calgary into the largest cabaret company between Toronto and Vancouver. Now joined by an illustrious board of producers, Cabaret Calgary now runs a whole host of shows ranging from burlesque to drag, and standup comedy to live music. Oh yeah, and some wrestling.

Bitch Sassidy has continued to evolve as a performer, touring Europe multiple times, traveling and performing across Canada, and continuing to add new talents and expressions into her art. You can also catch Bitch appearing as Drag King Smokey Waters!

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